Project overview


GRID+ is a Coordination and Support Action which has been created for providing operational support for the development of the European Electricity Grids Initiative (EEGI). The EEGI is one of the European Industrial Initiatives under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) which proposes a 9-year European research, development, and demonstration programme to accelerate innovation and the development of the electricity networks of the future in Europe.

The Project addresses the five remaining critical issues regarding the electricity system: costs, benefits, KPIs, knowledge sharing, and financing involving all stakeholders. This ensures a rational, fluid, and stable EEGI workflow in order to safely reach the 2020 European goals.

GRID+ provides the necessary support to the EEGI Team by bringing together and structuring a team of top level players (research centres, SMEs, universities), in close coordination with the European network operators associations: ENTSO-E and EDSO4SG.

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