The objective is to deliver for each year of development of the project, an updated map of major RD&D activities in Europe in the field of smart grids mapped against the priorities and goals of the EEGI roadmap.

The mapping will be made in such a way as to:

  • identify the subjects already covered by the on-going activities,
  • point out gaps and overlaps and give
  • directions on missing subjects or aspects needing further investigation.

In order to take advantage of already available information and not to duplicate efforts, this work package will not be aimed at the development of a new database, but at the analysis of already existing databases at the light of the EEGI framework. In particular, the JRC-Petten catalogue of smart grids initiatives collected for DG ENERGY and the data provided by the project "A pathway towards EEGI functional Projects" carried out under the coordination of AIT - Austria. As for data on initiatives not covered by the JRC catalogue, ad hoc data collection will be organised using templates as much as possible coordinated with other on-going international mapping efforts (e.g. ISGAN, ENARD etc.).

Funding mechanisms will also be mapped, to identify policies and solutions of interest at European level. An international outreach will also be achieved through the networking with other global initiatives and smart grids associations, in close coordination with WP2 (INTERACT).