EEGI KPIs Questionnaire


The purpose of this questionnaire is to support a preliminary qualitative analysis of the progress that has been made and the achievements of European and national projects that support the objectives defined in the EEGI R&I Roadmap. This questionnaire is designed to collate the necessary data from projects in a short and simple but effective manner that will enable this evaluation to take place.

The evaluation will be based on the EEGI ‘Impact’ KPIs defined in the Define EEGI Project and Programme KPIs publication. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess to what extent the accumulated results of European and national projects have made an impact on achieving the objectives defined in the EEGI R&I Roadmap. The results of this evaluation will assist the EEGI team and the European Commission in decision making and planning to further peruse the goals addressed in the grid initiative.

All information provided will be treated confidentially. Only aggregated results will be published and information specific to projects will only be shared if upon request permission is granted by the project coordinator.


Please, follow the link to the EEGI KPIs Questionnaire.


Your participation will be very welcome!

EEGI KPIs Questionnaire