Public Consultation on the draft Implementation Plan 2015-2017



Public Consultation on the draft Implementation Plan 2015-2017 of the EEGI Research and Innovation Roadmap 2013-2022

The European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) launches a public consultation to finalize the existing draft Implementation Plan 2015-2017 of its Research and Innovation (R&I) Roadmap. This consultation, which goes from 26th November to 17th December, welcomes all the stakeholders involved in electricity markets to input comments and improvements on the research, development, demonstration and market take-up activities proposed by network operators.

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The public consultation contributes to the elaboration of the final version of the Implementation Plan 2015-2017 to be released by the end of 2013.

The R&I activities for 2015 keep stressing the major enabling role of electricity network operators to pursue, at European level, a continuous and affordable de-carbonization of the electricity sector: more investments in R&I projects are needed now to deliver on-time proven network improvement solutions which can make the electricity system more flexible.

Overall, the proposed R&I activities for 2015 cover a wide range of technology maturity level as well as system integration innovation. It also emphasizes the role of large scale demonstrations to support market-up of the most promising solutions based on appropriate scaling up and replication studies.

This public consultation addresses power equipment manufacturers, ICT related companies, RES and other electricity generation players, electricity retailers (through their professional associations), regulators, research institutes, and any other interested party.

All comments on the draft Implementation Plan 2015-2017 can be submitted using the web consultation interface.


Background information:

The EEGI Implementation Plan is updated yearly in order to better reflect industry’s needs and to take into account outputs coming from the on-going R&I projects.

In April 2013, the active involvement of ENTSO-E and EDSO for SmartGrids, led to the EEGI Implementation Plan 2014-2016 according to EEGI R&I Roadmap 2013-2022 approved in late 2012. It gave priorities for projects to be launched in 2014, and suggested future R&D topics to be covered in 2015 and 2016.