International Initiatives

Smart grids mapping efforts being conducted in different parts of the world will be collected through the analysis of publications and direct contacts with the related organisations (e.g. ISGAN, ISGF, IEA etc.). The mapping will leverage on the activities of the WP2 (INTERACT). Here again an effort will be made to try to map worldwide projects at the light of the priorities of the EEGI, pointing out aspects on which further technical cooperation could be of interest, and areas on which the European industry has competitive advantage.

For what pertains to the international outreach, the recent international level initiatives in Grids have been increasing in numbers, size and relevance. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • IEA: ENARD, electric vehicle, demand-side management program
  • ISGAN (International Smart Grids Action Network)
  • GSGF (Global Smart Grid Federation)

This page will be updated as the project evolves.